Company portrait


the success story of the Buure Metzg AG starts. Robert and Marlise Bratschi together with Martin and Nicole Hauswirth take over Rudolf Matti’s butcher shop at Lauenenstrasse in Gstaad.


the butcher shop in Rougemont with branch manager André Reichenbach, is taken under the wings of Buure Metzg AG.

2007 the acquisition of the butchery in Schönried follows. Ever since this business is under the guidance of Martin und Nicole Hauswirth
2008 the shop at Lauenenstrasse in Gstaad has been enlarged and modernised.

Stephan Metz, former employee of Buure Metzg AG, takes charge of the butchery in Zweisimmen. The Buure Metzg AG becomes main meat supplier of Stephan’s Metz’g.

2011 the branch in Rougemont has been remodelled.
2013 the Buure Metzg AG extends their shop in Schönried.
Today the company with its own slaughterhouse und the bases in Gstaad, Schönried und Rougemont with a total of 36 employees, is an important entrepreneur in the whole area and educational training post for future professionals.