The opening hours of our butcheries

Butchery Gstaad

Monday - Friday
6.30 - 12 + 14 - 18.30

7 - 12 + 13.30 - 14 - 16



Butchery Schönried

Monday - Friday
6.30 - 12 + 14 - 18.30

6.30 - 12 + 13.30 - 16


Butchery Rougemont

Monday - friday
7 - 12  + 14.30 - 18

7 - 12 + 14 - 17



Melons and raw ham

This harmonious duo is a very popular light
summer treat.

The list of our ready dishes (pdf 402 kb)

Summer feelings...

It's barbecue time - you'll find a large selection of barbecued sausages in the Buure Metzg stores in Gstaad, Schönried and Rougemont/VD.

Vitello Tonnato

Italian ambiance from the Buure Metzg - with
a Vitello Tonnato.




Buure Metzg AG as an employer...

Are you looking for a new challenge?

In our company in Gstaad, you can complete vocational training (butchery manager) as well as the higher specialized examination.

Do you want a discovery course? We would be pleased to provide you with professional insights into retail trade or as a butchery specialist.

Contact us and talk to Marlise or Robert Bratschi!


Buure Metzg Gstaad

Butchery Gstaad

Alte Lauenenstrasse 4
3780 Gstaad

telephone +41 (0)33 744 11 44
fax +41 (0)33 744 88 44

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Buure Metzg Schönried

Butchery Schönried

Dorfstrasse 64
3778 Schönried

telephone +41 (0)33 744 19 39
fax +41 (0)33 744 85 59

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Buure Metzg Rougemont

Butchery Rougemont

Place de la Gare 1
1659 Rougemont

telephone +41 (0)26 925 86 22
fax +41 (0)26 925 86 22

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Convenience products


We sell fresh fish from Tuesday through to Saturday

Fresh fish buffet at the butcher shop Buure Metzg


Various local cheese assortment and a big choice of specialities

Truffle Brie from world class chef Robert Speth and cheese platter with delicacies


Gelato Giolito: The real italian gelato!

Giolito - our ice cream made in Italy is the best!

... furthermore


Oven baked veal steak

Cooking meat in the oven

Low cooking (80°) or roasting (160°), both are full of pleasure. At 80 degrees,
the meat cooks gently for
a longer time. At 160 degrees, the meat cooks for a shorter time and is hotter.

Download here «cooking meat in the oven» (pdf, 92 kb)

Robert Bratschi's tip for Rib of beef/T-Bone

Excellent côte de boeuf/T-bone (rib of beef) is the favorite meat of Robert Bratschi, our Gstaad butcher. His tip on how you too can achieve this fine nutty taste you find here:

Robert's Tip  (pdf, 159 kb)

Home production

Dryer section

The specialities

  • Saanenland dried beef
  • Saanenland country ham (with rock salt)
  • Nut of ham (Nussschinkli)
  • Ham
  • Smoked bacon
  • Coppa
  • Mostbröckli
  • Smoked Salami and Nutsaussages

are self-produced with sense and tenderness. Following a process of a few weeks, based on seasoning with exquisite herbs and salt mixtures, the products are then shaped. Thereafter our employee Rolf von Siebenthal takes over those future delicacies. Each peace then gets into the meat dryer section, which has been built by our federal graduated butcher master himself, upon 1250 meters above the idyllic village of Lauenen. Depending each product, these specialities are being supervised by the expert meticulous for two to five months. During all this time, the pieces do reduce their tare weight to almost half of its origin. Whilst this gentle ripening process the incomparable flavour of our dried products is generated.


The homemade dried sausages are smoked in our own little smoke house all through the year according to the traditional old manner.


Be it for mountain huts, hotels as well as for restaurants and businesses in the valley: we deliver our fresh products daily quick and reliable.


Be it for mountain huts, hotels as well as for restaurants and businesses in the valley: we deliver our fresh products daily quick and reliable.

Company portrait


the success story of the Buure Metzg AG starts. Robert and Marlise Bratschi together with Martin and Nicole Hauswirth take over Rudolf Matti’s butcher shop at Lauenenstrasse in Gstaad.


the butcher shop in Rougemont with branch manager André Reichenbach, is taken under the wings of Buure Metzg AG.

2007 the acquisition of the butchery in Schönried follows. Ever since this business is under the guidance of Martin und Nicole Hauswirth
2008 the shop at Lauenenstrasse in Gstaad has been enlarged and modernised.

Stephan Metz, former employee of Buure Metzg AG, takes charge of the butchery in Zweisimmen. The Buure Metzg AG becomes main meat supplier of Stephan’s Metz’g.

2011 the branch in Rougemont has been remodelled.
2013 the Buure Metzg AG extends their shop in Schönried.
Today the company with its own slaughterhouse und the bases in Gstaad, Schönried und Rougemont with a total of 36 employees, is an important entrepreneur in the whole area and educational training post for future professionals.