Oven baked veal steak

To cook in the oven

Either low temperature cooking at 80 degrees or roasting at 160 degrees, both options do have their benefits and enthusiasts. At 80 degrees the meat is cooked gently, at 160 degrees heat the roasting time is shorter and the meat appears hot out of the oven.

Download here table cook in the oven (pdf, 92 kb)

Robert Bratschi's tips for Côte de boeuf (Rib of beef) / T-Bone

Preheat oven at 80 degrees.
Flavour whole piece of meat of 600 – 800 g with seasoning salt and with freshly grounded, black pepper.
Sear each side approx. 5 minutes in the frying pan.
Roast for 40 minutes in the oven.
In the meantime simmer fresh thyme and rosemary in some butter in the frying pan.
Let refined meat peace simmer for 2 minutes in the thyme-rosemary butter (to result with a fine nut taste).
Enjoy your dish!

Download here Tips from Robert Bratschi for côte de boeuf/T-Bone (pdf, 90 kb)